mercoledì 24 ottobre 2007

Intrecci automobilistici

Questa immagine (cliccaci sopra per ingrandire) indica chi possiede chi nel mondo automobilistico.

Automobile Own

Trovata su Hemmy

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Blogger mariano said...

Hi! I´m Mariano from Argentina...I entered your blog and I like it a lot..
do you want to change links?
mine is:
i´ll put you in my links now..
thanks see you

29 ottobre, 2007 19:48   Edit Comment
Blogger mariano said...

Hi how are you! I´ll often pass to your blog!
i´ll also tell you when I post new things and I´d be great if you pass to my blog and if it is not boring tell your friends also.. there are interesting things, it´s for an university work! please! thank you a lot and sorry if I boder you!

02 novembre, 2007 03:39   Edit Comment
Blogger Marco said...

non avevo mai pensato che ci fosse tutto sto casino dietro :)
Bel blog, complimenti!

05 novembre, 2007 21:10   Edit Comment

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